Hair Loss FAQs

Are hair supplements safe?

Yes and no. While some hair loss supplements are completely safe, as they’re made from quality natural there are some cheap products on the market that have contaminated ingredients, caused by low quality control.

Do they have any side effects?

No, the most effective hair loss supplements happen to be all-natural, and can’t cause any side effects. You might experience side effects only if you overdose.

How long should I use hair loss supplements?

You should take hair loss supplements for at least 3 months to determine if they work for you or not. Many companies offer a “1 month trial” version of their products, for you to try out. If you see very minimal results during your first month, don’t be discouraged.

We all like quick-fixes, but remember that hair loss takes at least 3 months and results increase every month. If you want to have your hair back guaranteed, we recommend trying the hair loss supplements for 6 months.

How long does the result last?

The result will be permanent for younger people. However, some people report hair loss resuming after they stopped using the product for about a week. You’ll have to find the best cycle that works for you personally.

Can you mix a hair loss supplement with a hair loss drug such as Rogaine and Propecia?

Yes, you can. This will actually boost your hair loss results significantly. The ingredients in hair loss supplements are safe to work with prescription drugs for hair loss because they’re natural.

We don’t suggest buying any prescription drugs from the “online pharmacies” as most of them are fake and illegal. Ask the website of the pharmacy for a “PharmacyChecker” ID to verify that it has the legal rights to run a pharmacy online.

Do I need a prescription for these supplements?

This is the beauty of these supplements. They don’t need any kind of prescriptions! The hair loss products recommended on this site are herbal supplements, and don’t require prescriptions (or “the unnecessary fee”)

How much are the best hair loss pills?

Hair loss supplements should not cost more than $50 per bottle, although many are. Don’t risk yourself buying these overpriced products, only to find out that they’re mere internet scams.

Do hair loss pills work for women?

Yes. There are hair loss pills that have been made specifically for women, and they’ve worked really well on many women.

Hair loss works differently in women, as women don’t have enough amounts of DHT for the hormone to be a cause of hair loss. The entire regeneration mechanism is different.

How safe is it ordering from these supplement websites? Are they guaranteed?

Yes. The top-rated products reviewed on this site are guaranteed with proper money-back guarantees.